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Power flushing

If you find that your heating is not working as efficiently as you think it should or your bills are going up and up, (and not just because of the energy companies!) then we could help with by power flushing your central heating system.

Signs that a power flush would be beneficial are; increased fuel (gas) consumption, noises from the boiler, or its failure (breakdown), cold spots to the radiators, noise and failure of the pump.

Boilers, radiators, pipework and controls in a heating system all have a life expectancy. This can be extended if the system is power flushed. This is a means of cleaning out the boilers heat exchanger, heating coils, radiators, radiator valves and pipework by the use of a power flushing unit. This job only takes one full day and can make your system last many more years by removing the system debris and corrosion causing endless damage to boilers and their controls.

As part of the power flushing procedure, we recommend the installation of a system filter. This is easily installed onto your existing system and will also prolong the life of your system by collecting the debris and corrosion in the filter which can be cleaned at the annual service of your boiler.

You’ll be amazed at what a difference a power flush can make to your system! It is often wise to power flush the radiator circuit when installing a new boiler too.

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